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Swimming Pool Salt Chlorinators
in the Algarve

Having a chlorinating salt machine installed in your pool allows pool bathers to enjoy the many benefits, including no harsh chemicals. Chemical-free, purified water means skin will feel soft and hydrated, no burning red eye or skin irritations, no damage to your hair, and it won’t ruin swimwear.

With about the same salinity as a teardrop, the water feels softer and more comfortable, allowing you to glide through the wonderfully silky water with none of the downsides of chlorine.


Here at Just Pools, our salt chlorinator of choice is the Sugar Valley 2022, manufactured by the market-leading Spanish company Sugar Valley, ensuring the highest quality standards and parameters are met for your pool.

Salt Chlorinators

Feel the benefits of soft, clean water on your skin when you install a salt chlorinator! ​