Swimming Pool Heat Pumps in the Algarve

Pool Heating Installation and Repairs

Though we may be in the sunny Algarve, we all know that when temperatures start dipping, diving into chilly water isn’t the most pleasant feeling (for most). Because our mission is to ensure your pool can be used at any time, all year long, we supply and install the best pool heat pumps of all shapes and kinds, giving you complete control over your pool temperatures.

Whether you want to exercise more, have fun with the family or rent your property out, a swimming pool heat pump is the perfect solution for cost-effective pool heating year-round.

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Swimming Pool Heat Pumps
Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Aquavariation thermodynamic calculation software

Built to help pool professionals select the right heat pump for every pool, the Aquavariation app – made by PolyTropic and used by Just Pools - bases its measurements on heat transfer equations, calculating a pool’s heat loss using a range of parameters to choose the right pump for the pool and even estimate the energy consumption of the equipment selected.

You see, every pool is different, so it’s not until we factor in every variable that we’ll be able to advise you on the right pump for your pool.

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PolyConnect: a remote monitoring solution for heat pumps

No matter which PolyTropic pump you select, the good news is that as of 2022, the manufacturer has started installing its PolyConnect remote monitoring system on every inverter model heat pump as standard. This means that as soon as your pool heat pump is installed, all you need to do is connect it to your house’s WiFi system to gain full control of your swimming pool’s heating system.

What’s more, PolyConnect exchanges information with Polytropic's technical support team, allowing specialist technicians to remotely monitor your heat pump and receive notifications of any malfunctions.
Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Within PolyTropic’s range, our highly recommended options include:​