Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Our mission is to ensure your pool can be used at any time.

Swimming pool heat pumps provide complete control over your pool temperature. Heat pumps are easy to install and ensure your pool is always ready to use at the temperature that’s right for you.

These heat pumps are designed to maintain a comfortable temperature in your pool, year-round. Whether you want to exercise more, have fun with the family or rent your property, a swimming pool heat pump is the perfect solution to cost-effective pool heating.

Our heat pumps use electricity to extract heat from the outside air, transfer the heat to your pool, and heat the water.

Swimming pool heat pumps generally come in 2 models, known as ON/OFF heat pumps and Inverter heat pumps.

Inverter heat pumps are considered the market leaders and typically use far less energy than ON/OFF heat pumps.

Mr Silence heat pumps feature intelligent compressor, fan and pressure system conversion, providing incredible performance and energy savings.

Mr. Silence-Stepless DC Inverter Pool Heat Pump



Thanks to the revolutionary air-stream design & stepless DC inverter system provided by Inverquark technology, Mr Silence makes no more noise than a fridge at 12dB(A), making it far quieter than a traditional On/Off heater.

Unique Slab Design

Stylish appearance with an Aluminium alloy casing that provides high resistance to wear, deformation, discolouration and ageing when compared to plastic housing and other metals. This innovative design allows for the use of 90% of the ambient air energy.

Works at temperatures down to -10 Degrees 
Stepless DC Inverter – Not every inverter is a Stepless DC Inverter. Using Stepless DC Inverter technology, Mr Silence is able to intelligently adjust its speed between 100% and 20% to meet pool heating requirements, making it more efficient and quieter than ever.

COP up to 15

COP range 15-6.4 (Air 27℃/ Water 27℃/ Humidity 80%)

Thanks to inverquark technology, as little as 1kw of input provides an output of up to 15kw. Mr Silence runs on a low setting to maintain pool temperatures throughout pool season, providing the best energy-saving performance and a quieter pool environment. The result? It uses less than half the energy of a traditional On/Off heat pump.

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