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The Algarve’s leading pool care company, Just Pools is known for its year-round reliable cleaning, repairs, and maintenance services. In fact, when it comes to your pool, we do everything but the water…​
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More than your basic Pool care services

Over our time in the industry, we’ve seen every pool problem that may surface and dealt with needs big and small, keeping our customers’ heads above water, even when they’ve found themselves in the deep end. From providing equipment to knowing the right mix of pool care chemicals to fix any pool requirements, no one knows Algarve pools better than us.

Always in search of solutions to meet our clients’ needs, we install the most advanced, cutting-edge equipment for water treatment, all of which can be controlled remotely from your phone. From managing chemical levels to switching pool heating on in advance and giving you full power over your LED pool lighting, it’s all in your hands, wherever you may be, backed up by our expert knowledge and on-the-ground support whenever you may need it.

We are also the first (and only!) swimming pool specialists in Portugal to invest in innovative pool leak testing equipment. Able to detect a leak in a matter of minutes, we give you an easy-fix solution to any pool leak problem, saving you time, money, and water damage caused over time.

Keeping our ears to the ground, we ensure we stay abreast of market trends. This has led to our interest in saltwater pools, which provide a whole host of advantages, from long-term savings to being easier on your skin.
Reparação de Fugas na Piscina

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Our Services

​Transform Your Pool with Our Services

Pool Leak Detection

Think your Pool May Have a Leak?

Pool Leak Repairs

Found your Pool Leak? Now it’s time to get it fixed!

Pool Refurbishment

Just Pools: redesigning, fixing, or giving your pool a complete overhaul

Swimming Pool Maintenance Service

Keeping Your Pool Sparkling Clean, Year-round

Green Pool Service

Pool Maintenance Services, No Matter the State of your Pool

Our Products​

Get to know our Exclusive and Quality Products

LED Lighting

Efficient, lasting 100 times longer than conventional lamps, LED lamps provide advantages that far surpass their durability and longevity.

Overflow Grills

Just Pools supplies and installs the highest quality grills for the overflow gutter of your pool or hot tub.

Automatic Pool Covers

Find the right pool cover, and check out some of Just Pools’ other services

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Though we may be in the sunny Algarve, we all know that when temperatures start dipping, diving into chilly water isn’t the most pleasant feeling (for most). 

Child Safety Fences

We understand that your loved one’s safety is your biggest concern.

Salt Chlorinators

Having a chlorinating salt machine installed in your pool allows pool bathers to enjoy the many benefits, including no harsh chemicals.

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