Pool Refurbishment Services in the Algarve

Redesigning, fixing, or giving your pool a complete overhaul

In need of a pool refurbishment? Just Pools have been a pool maintenance specialist for over 15 years, which means we’ve seen more pools than you can imagine. Pools of all shapes, sizes, colours, and configurations, flow across different levels, with built-in bars, dining tables, and more plant life than we can count.

This means that whatever your vision for your pool, we can help you bring it to life, whether you want to completely change the look of your pool, add a design, simply tidy it up, or fix cracks and leaks.

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Pool Refurbishment: Giving Your Pool a New Look

The last 15 years have brought us a long way in terms of pool designs, with the opportunities for stunning swimming pool and surrounding finishes almost endless. Innovative materials, gorgeous stone products, terrific tiles, magnificent mosaics, and more creative use of ceramics are all providing new ideas and inspiration—all of it allowing you to add a touch of style, in and around your swimming pool.

Feeling inspired?​

Need Your Pool Fixing?

Sometimes, however, pool work becomes more of a need than a want when something’s not quite right, and you just want to work out what that is. From pressure testing to detecting water loss problems, pool re-grouting or a complete refurbishment, we’re well-versed in spotting problems and troubleshooting them, ensuring your pool’s back to running swimmingly in no time.

Think your pool may have a leak?

Find out about our leak detection service.
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