Our Mission at Just Pools Algarve

Here at Just Pools, everything we do is guided by our overarching mission:

To create the perfect pool and wellness environment for our customers to share enjoyable experiences.

Because we know the difference long-term, reliable pool care can make, we hope to make it available to as many people across the Algarve as possible.

Our mission: Getting your Dream Pool

Buying a home with its very own private pool is a dream for many. Being only steps away from diving into the cool water on those scorching days, having somewhere to cool off all summer long, and reaping the benefits of those morning laps certainly have the pros of a pool adding up. However, while the benefits of having your very own Algarve pool are undeniable, some work needs to be put in to ensure that your pool’s good to go whenever you are.

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Our Mission: The work that goes into Pool Care Services

It’s not until you have your very own pool that you appreciate the level of care that goes into keeping it sparkling. From balancing chemicals to fishing out debris and making sure it’s always topped up to keeping the pump running and everything flowing nicely, some steps need to be taken – and regularly! – to keep your pool up to scratch.

Now, many pool owners fall into the trap of wanting to do everything themselves from the get-go. And we admire them for it! After all, there’s nothing like doing the work to appreciate what goes into it. However, when winter comes, and they see the pool doesn’t get as much use, they often stop putting in the work. Then, when spring comes around, there’s a lot more to be done…

That's why we have a mission!

Our Mission: To Provide Exemplary Pool Care Services, Year-Round

Our service is provided year-round for a reason – because it’s constant care that will extend the life of your pool and ensure you have access to your wellness environment, where you can share enjoyable experiences whenever you want and need.

And we don’t stop there. Our mission is also to ensure your pool ticks all your boxes, we specialise in providing pool equipment and accessories to meet any range of needs. From managing pool refurbishments and overhauls to providing a specialised leak-detection service, advising you on heat pumps to covers, fences, salt chlorinators, and LED lighting, we make it our business to know about it all, so you don’t have to. So that you have the people to call for any pool-related issue you may have and are guaranteed the perfect environment you envisioned from the offset.

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pool maintenance in Algarve

Our Mission: Training Specialists for the Job

We’ve been cleaning pools in the Algarve for 15 years, which means we’ve seen the outcome of every pool decision you could take and transformed the most pond-like pools, taking them from green to clean. We’ve also taken time to grow our team slowly. From David going it alone for the first stretch, we’ve carefully trained each new team member, ensuring they’re up on our practices and ready to provide the most professional service possible.

Ready to find out what we can do for you?


We’re not settlers; we’re strivers, kicking out ahead towards the next bend in the river and beyond. We know the Algarve is full of people unsure about caring for their pools, and we want to reach them with our professional, reliable, affordable pool care services. But we want to earn their business and trust.


We want them to hear from word of mouth just what we can do and for them to believe they’re paying a fair price for the service we provide because we know that the best, most organic, authentic way for any business to grow is through transparency and trust. So that’s what we strive for. Only then our mission is complete!


Building trust isn’t something you do overnight. In fact, it’s not generally something you can do in a month. It takes time.

But we’re in no rush.

We know that by doing what we set out to do, keeping to our values of integrity, honesty, and teamwork, we build trust among our clients.

But what we’ve actually seen is that it’s the stressful times – when things go wrong, and they need someone to call – that the most trust is built.

Because we’re always there, ensuring the problem can be solved efficiently. That’s another one of our values.

Then there’s innovation. Being able to provide a cutting-edge service across all facets, from top-of-the-range accessories such as efficient pool pumps, multi-use covers, and Portugal’s only specialist pool leak service, to streamlining the work we do daily to keep your pool as clean as can be.


Here at Just Pools, we have a vision. One we intend to make real. And to do so, we need to hold ourselves accountable to ourselves and to you. So we’ve made a promise:

To be reliable.

To be the company that never fails you. That’s always there to keep things ticking over, avoiding any problems that may arise, but also ready to spring into action when necessary.

To be professional.

To make agreements and stick to them. To take initiative when things could be improved. To provide excellence day after day.

To be affordable

And charge a fair price for our services. One that means we can do our job and do it well, and that you can get the turnkey service you deserve.


That’s the Just Pools promise. One that will help us keep actively working towards our vision with integrity, ensuring we’re always one step closer to where we want to be without losing our core values.

Want to be a part of this journey?

Reach out! We couldn’t be happier to hear from you.


It may sound cheesy, but passion is our number one value. We really and truly are passionate. No, not about lugging barrels of chlorine or bags of sand up your driveway, but about the experience we’re proud to provide you with.

The seamless experience you barely notice because everything’s taken care of for you. Your chemicals are always balanced, the water’s always sparkling, and any other need you may have met with a simple phone call. That’s where the passion comes in – meeting each customer’s needs down to a T. ​


The world of swimming pools is an ever-changing one. Some of the basics stay the same, sure, but more efficient accessories, less harmful chemicals, and fashions that dictate the looks of pools are always evolving. And we have our finger on the pulse.

To us, there’s nothing more exciting than a company launching a sustainability-focused heat pump or pool cover that’s easier to install. Oh, and we’re the only Algarve company to have invested in specific, specialised leak-detection equipment.

You may not have known there was a cutting-edge to pool services, but let us assure you: there is, and we’re on it! ​


Efficiency is our next value because it goes hand-in-hand with innovation. Innovation brings efficiency – in products, practices, and perspectives – in energy and water usage and in how we do things. After 15 years in the business, we’ve proved that we don’t allow ourselves to get stuck in our ways. We’re always pushing for more, for you and for us, striving towards increased efficiency, day after day. ​


Then there’s being up-front with you. Doing what we say we’re going to do and doing it well. Ensuring your pool’s upkept even when you’re not here to see it. You are trusting us with the keys to your gate, after all. And we take on that responsibility with everything we’re worth. ​


And transparency. If you’ve ever had any of our equipment installed, you’ll know you can monitor it from a distance. If you’ve got cameras pointed towards your pool, you’ll know we’ll never miss a day of pool maintenance unless it’s pouring torrentially (and even then, we’ll stop by to make sure everything’s okay).

We’re straight with you no matter the subject, because we’ve no reason to be otherwise, and we live by the belief that no (wo)man is worth any more than their word.​ ​


And finally, teamwork: the machine that keeps us running. We operate purely because we are a team. One that has each other’s backs. Whether that means helping each other out on windy days when every pool we come to is filled with leaves, popping over to help carry heavy sacks of salt, or lending a hand to find the issue in a faulty pump.

We know several heads work better than one, and we’re well-versed in pooling our knowledge, experience, and strength to keep every pool ticking over year-round, because it’s what we do.

Our values have allowed us to grow over the years, reaching further and allowing our pool cleaning services to help more pool owners across the Algarve. So, if they’ve resonated with you, you’ll know you’re on the right track to finding the pool care company to meet your needs. One that may even exceed them.​