Though there are several models of automatic electric pool covers out there, your specific needs and the style of your pool will dictate which one is right for you. Having scouted out the best options, we supply and install a range of options of electric pool covers, so scroll through them to decide which is right for you.

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coberturas automáticas para piscinas

Above Ground Solar and Electric Automatic Pool Covers

The Rolleasy Automatic Pool Cover

The rolleasy’s slim, unobtrusive ‘feet’ make this the perfect solution for smaller pools (up to 5 x 11m). Solar or electric-powered options available.

The Contura Electric Pool Cover

The Contura combines cutting-edge technology and a design approach that leaves no room for compromise. Solar or electric-powered options available.

The Moove’O Mobile Solar Pool Cover

A mobile, automatic pool cover powered by solar energy, the Moove’O’s exclusive design and handy wheels allow it to be moved effortlessly, providing full access to your pool edge.
Options to Consider for the Best Pool Cover for you:

Opaque PVC and Polycarbonate Solar Slats ​

Available in several colours, ensuring they work seamlessly within your pool environment, polycarbonate solar slats comply with safety standard NF P 90-308, also acting as true ‘solar panels’, heating your pool water several degrees when compared to traditional slats.​

Some models available with ‘WIKEY’, a wireless remote control for your cover​

Pool open and close information is sent using digital wireless communications, with no need for connections or cables, contained within an aesthetic, watertight control box.​

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