Pool Leak Detection Services in the Algarve

Think your Pool May Have a Leak?

If your pool water level goes down faster than you would expect it to, the chances are there’s a leak somewhere. That’s where we come in – your local pool maintenance service, ready to go above and beyond to fix any pool problem you may have.

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Find, fix, and forget your leak in no time with the help of the Pool Leak Specialist!​

Need a leak found?​

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These numbers are far higher than most expect, which is why people often don’t suspect a leak… leading them to wait far longer than necessary to get the problem sorted.

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Your next step is getting in touch with a specialist leak detector to confirm whether your pool really is leaking.​

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Quick, hassle-free leak detection

The traditional way of detecting a leak is by using a general pressure test. This will tell you the general area in which a leak is located, which you then have to dig up until you find the exact leak.

But that’s not how we do things at Just Pools.

We’re the only company in Portugal to have invested in cutting-edge equipment that’s fast, precise, and accurate, pinpointing the EXACT location of any leak so that you can snap straight into troubleshooting the problem.

Whether in the skimmer seams or lights, pool structure or fittings, main drains, or surrounding pipework, we find your leak in a matter of minutes, which means minimal hassle and work to get it fixed, and your pool back to full.

Think you may have a leak?

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