Everything You Need to Know About Saltwater Pools – A Guide by Just Pools Algarve

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In this article, we’ll explore the benefits, maintenance requirements, and services related to saltwater pools, a popular choice for pool owners. Discover why these types of pools are gaining traction and how they can enhance your swimming experience while being easier to maintain.

everything you need to know about saltwater pools
Saltwater Pool

What Are Saltwater Pools?

SWPs are a modern alternative to traditional chlorine pools. Unlike chlorine pools that require the addition of chlorine tablets or liquid, saltwater pools utilize a salt chlorine generator. This generator converts salt into chlorine, ensuring a consistently sanitized pool environment. The process is automatic, convenient, and provides a more natural swimming experience.

Benefits of Saltwater Pools

Health and well-being

Swimming in a sw pool offers numerous health benefits: The water is gentler on the skin and eyes, making it suitable for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies. It also helps to reduce the occurrence of red, irritated eyes often associated with chlorine pools.

Lower Chemical Usage

Saltwater pools require fewer chemicals compared to traditional chlorine pools: Once the salt is added to the pool, it remains in the water, continuously generating chlorine. This significantly reduces the need for frequent chlorine additions, resulting in long-term cost savings.

Gentle on Skin and Eyes: The water in sw pools has a lower chlorine concentration than traditional chlorine pools. This lower concentration is more comfortable for swimmers and reduces the harsh effects that chlorine can have on the skin and eyes.

Saltwater Pool Maintenance

Salt Chlorine Generator Maintaining

Sw pool involves regularly monitoring and adjusting the salt chlorine generator. This generator converts salt into chlorine, ensuring proper sanitization. Our expert technicians at Just Pools can assist you in checking the generator’s performance and adjusting settings as needed.

pH and Alkalinity Levels Maintaining

Appropriate pH and alkalinity levels are crucial for the longevity of your saltwater pool. Regular testing and adjustment of these levels are necessary to prevent scaling, corrosion, and other water chemistry issues. Our team can help you maintain the optimal balance for a healthy and long-lasting pool.

Regular Testing and Balancing Periodic

Water testing is essential to ensure the water chemistry remains balanced. Our technicians can conduct comprehensive water analyses and provide precise recommendations to maintain proper sanitiser levels, pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness.

Equipment Inspection Routine

Inspection of pool equipment, including pumps, filters, and salt chlorine generators, is necessary to identify any potential issues. Our skilled professionals will examine your equipment during regular maintenance visits to ensure everything is in optimal working condition.

Cleaning and Filtration

To keep your sw pool clean and clear, regular cleaning and filtration are essential. We offer professional cleaning services to remove debris, scrub pool walls, and maintain proper circulation. Our team will also inspect and clean the pool filter, ensuring optimal filtration efficiency.

Just Pools Services for Saltwater Pools in Algarve

Saltwater Pool Installation

Considering converting your existing pool into a sw pool? Our expert team can handle the complete installation process, including the addition of a salt chlorine generator, necessary adjustments, and water balancing to ensure a smooth transition.

Maintenance Plans

We offer comprehensive maintenance plans specifically tailored to sw pools. These plans include regular visits to test water chemistry, adjust settings, inspect the equipment, and provide necessary repairs or upgrades. Our maintenance plans keep your pool in top condition while you sit back and relax.

Repairs and Upgrades

Should any issues arise with your saltwater pool, our skilled technicians are here to help. From troubleshooting salt chlorine generators to repairing pumps or filters, we have the expertise to tackle any repair or upgrade your pool may require.

Water Quality Analysis

Unsure about the water quality in your sw pool? Our water quality analysis services provide an in-depth examination of your pool’s chemistry. We’ll identify any potential imbalances and offer solutions to ensure your pool remains crystal clear and safe for swimming.

Common Misconceptions about Saltwater Pools

“Saltwater Pools are Like Swimming in the Ocean” While sw pools contain salt, they have significantly lower salt levels than the ocean. The salt concentration is carefully balanced to provide a pleasant swimming experience without the overpowering saltiness found in the ocean.

“Saltwater Pools Require No Maintenance” Although sw pools require less maintenance than traditional chlorine pools, they still require regular testing, adjustment of chemicals, and equipment inspection. Proper maintenance is essential to ensure a clean and enjoyable swimming environment.

“Saltwater Pools Don’t Need Chlorine” SW pools do generate chlorine, but in a different way compared to traditional pools. The salt chlorine generator converts salt into chlorine, maintaining the necessary sanitization levels. This eliminates the need for manually adding chlorine but still ensures a properly sanitized pool.

Frequently Asked Questions about Salt Water Pools

Can I Convert My Chlorine Pool into a Saltwater Pool? Yes, it is possible to convert your chlorine pool into a saltwater pool. Our experts can assess your pool’s compatibility and guide you through the conversion process.

What Is the Initial Cost of Installing a Saltwater Pool? The cost of installing a saltwater pool depends on various factors, such as pool size, equipment requirements, and any necessary adjustments. Contact us for a personalized quote based on your specific pool.

How Often Should I Test and Balance the Water Chemistry in a Saltwater Pool? Regular testing and balancing of water chemistry are recommended at least once a week. However, specific requirements may vary based on pool usage, weather conditions, and other factors. Our maintenance plans include regular water testing to ensure optimal water chemistry.


Saltwater pools offer numerous benefits, from improved skin and eye comfort to reduced chemical usage. With proper maintenance and expert assistance from Just Pools Algarve, you can enjoy a crystal clear salt water pool in Algarve. Contact us today to explore our services, including installation, maintenance plans, repairs, and water quality analysis. Dive into the world of saltwater pools and experience swimming in a rejuvenating oasis right at your doorstep.

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