A pool offers a range of benefits to your health and overall fulfillment. It gives you a great place for cardiovascular workout as well as a venue for you to have a great time with family or friends.
However, having a pool in your property is a huge responsibility. 
To ensure that it continues to be beneficial and does not become a burden or hazard to people and property, regular maintenance is necessary.  
If your pool doesn’t look this good all year then you need Just Pools services.   
Our team of experienced technicians make sure that all your pool maintenance requirements are met, so that your pool continues to be safe for use and is always sparkling, healthy and clean.
Many people think that pool maintenance is not important during the winter months but it is vital to keeping the pool chemical levels balanced at ALL times which will, in turn, prolong the life of your pool.
Our aim is to keep your swimming pool pH balance at 7.4, this is the same as an eye drop. Not only is this far more comfortable for your skin to be exposed to but if the ph balance is too low, then the acidic water will eat the grout and loosen tiles, and if the ph balance is too high, then the water becomes corrosive to pipework.
Our regular pool services include*:
  • Net the surface for any debris
  • Brush the sides, steps and the bottom when necessary
  • Check the water levels
  • Test the water chlorine and pH levels and appropriate adjustment
  • Vacuum the bottom of the pool
  • Empty the skimmer basket(s) and pump basket(s)
  • Check the pressure on the filter, backwash if needed
  • Check timer operation
  • Spot check equipment for any leaks /problems
 *The exact pool service may vary from pool to pool, and from a visit to visit.
Green Pool Service
We can also take your pool from GREEN to clean.
Most pool owners have in some time experienced a green pool which can be a battle. 

To get your pool right again can take many hours and unnecessary expense unless you know what you are doing. At Just Pools we are the experts and can save you €€€ and time!

We will ensure that we get your pool sparkling again.

Therefore regular pool maintenance is cost effective and also has the benefit of being additional security, providing a presence at the property and helping to quickly identify any problems such as water leaks, as these are common problems in The Algarve.
Pool Leak Detection Service
Any sign of a leak JUST POOLS can help.  

Our POOL LEAK SPECIALIST will be able to detect your leak using the most up to date equipment.  

Click here to find out more – poolleakspecialist.pt
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About Just Pools

Based in Central Algarve, Just Pools is owned by David and Lorraine
Everything but the water..
Starting off maintaining just one pool, with David’s drive and ambition the Company has grown and we now provide a professional, reliable pool maintenance service to many clients in The Algarve.
Just Pools is known for installing quality products at affordable prices – Heat Pumps, Automatic covers, Salt Chlorinators, Child safety fence and more…
We also have new and innovative equipment for Pool Leak Testing
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