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do you need to cover your pool? automatic pool covers

Protect your pool from leaves and debris with Just Pools automatic pool covers. We deliver custom-made pool covers that will help maintain the stability of the water temperature of your pool, allowing you to enjoy your pool all year round.

The polycarbonate slats act as true solar panels and make it possible to heat the water and gain several degrees.

We have various kinds of pool covers: submerged automatic pool covers, above-ground solar and electric pool covers, among other modern models with cutting-edge technology. Did we already said that we have everthing for pools? Tell us what are your needs and we’ll recommend the best automatic cover for your pool.

Reparação de Fugas na Piscina

The Rolleasy Automatic Pool Cover

Retractable pool cover. Its slim, unobtrusive ‘feet’ make this is the perfect solution for smaller pools (up to 5 x 11m). Solar or electric-powered options are available.

Note: Some models are available with ‘WIKEY’, a wireless remote control for your cover.

The Contura Electric Pool Cover

Combines cutting-edge technology and a design approach that leaves no room for compromise. Solar or electric-powered options available.

The Moove’O Mobile Solar Pool Cover

A sliding, automatic pool cover powered by solar energy. Its exclusive design and handy wheels allow it to be moved effortlessly, providing full access to your pool edge.

Found the right pool cover for you?

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Within PolyTropic’s range, our highly recommended options include:​

Want advice on the best heat pump for your pool?

Everything for Pools: ​Pool Maintenance

We perform cleanings, treatments and pool maintenance, and leave your pool sparkling. A pool provides a range of health benefits, making you feel more fulfilled as both the perfect place for a cardiovascular workout and a location in which to have a great time with family and friends. But what most people don’t consider is the responsibility involved in owning a swimming pool.

At Just Pools we have everything for pools and we provide pool maintenance services. Our team of experienced technicians make sure all your pool maintenance requirements are met so that your pool stays sparkling, healthy, clean and safe to use, always.

Ever heard someone say your pool doesn’t need to be maintained in winter? It’s a common misconception. Carrying out regular maintenance, however, is vital to keeping your pool chemical levels balanced at ALL times, which will, in turn, prolong the life of your pool. Cleaning and pool maintenance is with Just Pools.

Do you want to know the cost of pool maintenance service for your pool?

pool maintenance service in faro
pool maintenance service in faro

Ensure your pool is maintained by experts who know the ins and outs of your pool:​

Everything for pools

Your next step is getting in touch with a specialist leak detector to confirm whether your pool really is leaking.​

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Additional Pool Accessories

Swimming Pool Salt Chlorinators in the Algarve

Having a chlorinating salt machine installed in your pool allows pool bathers to enjoy the many benefits, including no harsh chemicals. Chemical-free, purified water means skin will feel soft and hydrated, no burning red eye or skin irritations, no damage to your hair, and it won’t ruin swimwear. With about the same salinity as a teardrop, the water feels softer and more comfortable, allowing you to glide through the wonderfully silky water with none of the downsides of chlorine.

Here at Just Pools, our salt chlorinator of choice is the Sugar Valley 2022, manufactured by market-leading Spanish company Sugar Valley, ensuring the highest quality standards and parameters are met for your pool.
Salt Chlorinators

Feel the benefits of soft, clean water on your skin when you install a salt chlorinator! ​

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