Swimming Pool Maintenance Service

A pool provides a range of health benefits, making you feel more fulfilled as both the perfect place for a cardiovascular workout and a location in which to have a great time with family and friends.

But what lots of people don’t consider is the responsibility involved in having a pool on your property. 

To ensure that it continues to be beneficial and does not become a burden or hazard to people and your property itself, it needs constant care and regular maintenance.  

If your pool doesn’t look this good all year round, you’re in need of Just Pools’ services.   

Our team of experienced technicians make sure all your pool maintenance requirements are met so that your pool stays sparkling, healthy, clean and safe to use, always.

Ever heard someone say your pool doesn’t need to be maintained in winter? It’s a common misconception. Carrying out regular maintenance, however, is vital to keeping your pool chemical levels balanced at ALL times, which will, in turn, prolong the life of your pool.

We aim to keep your swimming pool’s pH balance at 7.4, which is the same as an eye drop. Not only is this far more comfortable for your skin, but a ph that is too high or too low can have disastrous consequences for your pool:

  • If the ph is too low, acidic water will corrode the grout in your pool and loosen tiles;
  • If the ph is too high, alkaline water starts eroding your pipework.

Our regular pool services include*:

  • Removing any debris from the surface using a net
  • Brushing the sides, steps and bottom when necessary
  • Checking water levels
  • Testing the water chlorine and pH levels and adjusting them as required
  • Vacuuming the bottom of the pool
  • Emptying skimmer and pump basket(s)
  • Checking filter pressure, backwashing if required
  • Checking timers are working
  • Spot checking equipment for any leaks /problems
 *The exact pool service provided may vary from pool to pool and from service to service.

Green Pool Service

We can also take your pool from GREEN to CLEAN.

Most pool owners have experienced a green pool at one time or another and so are aware of how hard it can be to fix the problem.

Many, many hours and unnecessary expenses can go into trying to get your pool back on track again unless you know what you’re doing, but at Just Pools, we’re the experts, saving you €€€ and time!

We’ll ensure we have your pool sparkling again no matter how bad it’s got, but you know what they say – the best cure is prevention!

Regular pool maintenance is both cost-effective and provides additional security, with someone there to keep a regular eye on your property and pool, helping identify any problems such as water leaks quickly and efficiently – common issues faced here in the Algarve.

Pool Leak Detection Service

Sign of a leak? JUST POOLS can help!

Our POOL LEAK SPECIALIST will be able to detect your leak using the most up to date equipment on the market.

Click here to find out more – poolleakspecialist.pt
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