• The Most Ecological 80% of the energy used by the Zodiac Pool Heater to heat the pool is taken from the surrounding air, which is a completely natural energy source. The refrigerants used also have no effect on the ozone layer.


  • The QuietestNoise is a major consideration in the design of our range of Heat Pumps. Thanks to the use of cutting-edge ventilation and compression technology, we’ve been able to develop exceptionally quiet products.


  • The Most InnovativeThe Titanium Polyamide Technology, unique worldwide, guarantees total corrosion protection.


  • Energy Efficient – Zodiac Heat Pumps are extremely efficient and have an exceptional Coefficient of Performance (COP). This means that for every 1kW consumed by the compressor, the Heat Pump restores 5kW to the swimming pool, making them most efficient Heat Pump available.


  • Easy to UseThanks to the digital control thermostat, you can easily select and adjust the exact pool temperature you require. Equipped with a flow switch, the Heat Pump starts and stops automatically at the same time as your filtration system.