Zodiac_ABetterLife_Logo_RGBExtend your swimming season with a heat pump from Zodiac – your partner in pool care. Without a heat pump you will only be able to use your pool for a few months of the year but by controlling the temperature of your swimming pool with a Zodiac Heat Pump, you will be able to get far more joy from your pool.

Zodiac Heat Pumps

As leading suppliers of pool care products we will be able to help you find the perfect pool heating system for your needs.

Z300™ , ZS500, Z600 Silent & POWER FORCE™ Heat Pumps

These premium products are the new standard for swimming pool heat pumps. These units can be installed on new or existing pools.

They are undoubtedly the most economical heating solution for your pool.


Advantages offered by Zodiac heat pumps

Extremely quiet



80% of the energy transferred to the pool is taken from the air and the coolant used in the heat pump is environmentally friendly.

Easy to use

Simply programme your heater to 28°C, that´s it…

80% of the energy use to heat your pool is FREE.  It’s the solar energy contained in the air.

Your consumption?  Only the 20% left


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