Water treatment

Zodiac is the worldwide leader in water treatment systems with its pH and Redox Controllers and Salt Chlorinators.  Zodiac’s advanced water treatment systems are designed to conveniently give you silky soft water and a sparkling pool all day every day.

Water is a continuously evolving, unstable element, it must be disinfected and its pH balanced in order to guarantee its buffering effect.


Swimming Pool Chlorinators

Keeping your swimming pool clean is imperative to the health of those using the pool. While there are a variety of ways to keep your pool clean, Salt Pool Chlorinators are the safest, most effective and most environmentally friendly method of all.

pH Controllers

It is imperative that your swimming pool’s pH is just right.  Find out more about the correct pH for your pool , by looking into the pH Perfect solution from Zodiac.


Redox Controllers

For the optimal and permanent disinfection of your pool.  Find out more by looking into the Chlor Pefect™ solution from Zodiac.  Exclusive option POD kit – the ideal option when Chlor Perfect™ and pH Perfect™ are used together

Not sure which of our advanced water treatment systems you need? Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.