We are based in Central Algarve and provide a professional, reliable pool maintenance service to many clients in the Algarve.

At Just Pools, we only use the most up to date equipment and water testing photometers and always seeking new and innovative products.

We provide a 24h pool cover and pool heater service since we know how important is to keep your pool in perfect condition.

Pool Covers

Covering your pool properly with a higher quality pool cover makes it possible to limit evaporation, preventing drops in water levels while maintaining the pool water temperature and limiting external pollution.

All our covers are produced under high-quality standards and we can install them in record time.

Pool Heaters

With our 24h pool heater repair or replacement service, we make sure you never have to skip a swimming session. We use only the best equipment that not only last a long time but it’s also energy efficient.

Pool Maintenance

We started by maintaining one pool and now we are providing maintenance service for a big network of people over the Algarve. If you having random problems with your pools, we can send a team and make sure you never have to think about it again.

If you are looking for one of these services, please call us at +351 919 482 841 or send an email through the form below.

Everything but the water…

Pool Maintenance


Leak Detection



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