Pool safety standards have not been set by Councils in the Algarve, but when they do and have approval, rental owners will be forced to install safety measures on the pool.

We understand that your loved one’s safety is your biggest concern.  That is why we have teamed up with an international company that manufactures the safest swimming pool fence for protection of babies, toddlers, small children and pets.

Babysecur is a system that is 100% adaptable to any pool fencing situation without compromising safety, pool access or landscaping requirements.


The posts used have an exclusive, patented design, making them the strongest.  Textilene® mesh is WELDED, not sewn at the edge, as thread inevitably decays with exposure.  This mesh offers a transparency that almost matches glass, so the fence is unobtrusive and pleasant to look through, allowing the supervision of children from outside the fenced area.  Colours available: Black post and black mesh,  Silver anodized post with either black, grey, forest green or beige mesh


Most accidents that occur in fenced swimming pools are because children manage to climb and get across the fence, find the gates left ajar or learn how to operate the  locks and latches. BABYSECUR’s fences are designed to prevent children from climbing as they do not present any foot hold or firm handrail. The gates are key lockable and self-closing which operate with magnetic latch and lock.  The exclusive BABYClick latch is very easily operated by an adult, using both hands, but children lack the height, strength and dexterity to open it.


BABYSECUR is a modular system, so it can be taken down by sections or completely in under two minutes. One or several gates can be opened up to two meters wide, to ensure an unrestricted access to the swimming pool


The fences are maintenance free. They do not rust, corrode or fade for they can withstand UV rays and the chemicals used in swimming pools.

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