Dive into a ‘Lo Salt’ swimming pool today and enjoy the benefits of soft clean pool water

Having a salt chlorinating machine installed to your pool allows pool bathers to enjoy the many benefits it can bring, with it being a much healthier option with no harsh chemical odours.

Enjoy the feel of chemical-free purified water. Skin will feel soft and not dried out, no burning red eye or skin irritations, no damage to your hair and won’t ruin swimwear

The feel of the water

Human tissue contains 9000 parts per million of salt.

A pool equipped with a ‘Lo Salt’ Chlorinator has salt levels of 4000 ppm (parts per million) which is about the same level as a teardrop and because the salinity is much closer to human tissue than a traditional chlorinated pool, the water feels softer and more comfortable.

As a comparison sea water is 35,000 ppm.

Anyone that swims in a salt pool will tell you how wonderfully silky it feels.



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