Salt Chlorinators

Salt water chlorination is a simple electrolysis reaction of pool water with a slight concentration of usual salt, from 4 to 6 grams, almost imperceptible for the bather compared to sea water which reaches 35 gram per litter.  Read more »

Automatic Pool Covers

An automatic pool cover is the answer to all those who want to enjoy their pool season for longer as they keep the water temperature stable. Also complementary protection against dirtiness, leaves etc and chemical and water saving (for containing evaporation).  Read more »

Pool Maintenance

At Just Pools, our team of experienced technicians makes sure that all your pool maintenance requirements are met so that your pool continues to be safe for use and is always in the best condition.  Read more »

Child Safety Fences

We understand that your loved one’s safety is your biggest concern. We have teamed up with an international company that manufactures the safest swimming pool fence for protection of babies, toddlers, small children, and pets.  Read more »

Your professional, reliable, affordable and trusted Algarve pool partner, Just Pools has the expertise to measure and assess pool quality with optimum precision so you only invest in solutions that work. Our Algarve customers are confident of the best pool quality all year round. From saltwater systems and chlorinator dosing systems to air source and electric heat pumps, we have everything in stock. Contact us today for a free consultation and enjoy the best of your Algarve pool!

*Approved Polytropic supplier