No room for a swimming pool or just want the addition of a hot tub for those summer nights, JUST POOLS offer a wide range of hot tubs to suit all budgets.

 Representing one of the fastest growing sectors of the garden and outdoor living industry, BEACHCOMBER HOT TUBS are built to an outstanding level of excellence

 Choose from a wide range of models

Each tub has contoured, sculptured seating for unrivalled comfort

Deep foot wells for total immersion

Interchangeable WaterPorts for customised massage jetting

High quality Enviroskirt cabinetry

State-of-the-art user friendly controls providing energy efficiency

Exceptional hydrotherapy and outstanding comfort

Therapy for your aches and pains, bust stress and fight disease as soaking can combat the negative impacts of diabetes & arthritis

Whether you want a 2 person round tub designed to fit in a corner or an ultimate luxurious spa for 8 people the choice is yours.

And remember if you move you can just take it with you!