For those looking for quality hot tubs, Beachcomber provide a comfortable, high quality, energy efficient hot tubs.

Find details of all hot tubs available under headings ‘Hot Tub Series 300, 500 or 700’.  Depends whether you want a 2 person hot tub to fit in a small space or an ultimate luxurious 8 seater, the choice is yours!

Use the ‘Contact us’ form supplied and we will give you the best prices on Hot Tubs in the Algarve, Portugal today.

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I gave up my Florida holiday to purchase my Beachcomber Hot Tub.  This is the best thing I ever did’. -Sharon S

‘It’s great to relax in the swirling water after a hard day’s work’. – Clive H

‘Our Beachcomber Hot Tub has lived up to our expectations in every way’. – Craig F

‘My Beachcomber has been the centre of some great gatherings and special moments’. – Jenny T

‘I can’t think of any better way of treating a physically and mentally stressed body except with heat, water and the massage of my Beachcomber’. – Anna D